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Fujian Zhongjian Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise integrating the development, design, 
production, sales and service of brick machine. The company is located at the starting point of the ancient Silk Road in the 
East Sea. Quanzhou Green Valley Taiwanese High-tech Industrial Park, 10 kilometers away from the center of Quanzhou; from the 
324 National Highway, Fuxia Expressway entrance, railway station and the Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway Passenger and 
Freight Station Within 10 minutes by car; 30 kilometers from Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport, 100 kilometers from Xiamen 
International Airport; within 1 hour from Xiamen and Quanzhou. The location conditions are outstanding, the geographical 
position is superior, the traffic is convenient, and the environment is beautiful. It is a professional manufacturer of new 
environmental protection wall and floor tiles such as wall blocks, pavement bricks and curbstones.

Over the years, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of people-oriented, survival by quality, power by 
technology, development by innovation, and efficiency by service. Committed to the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of 
excellence, to the best of the entrepreneurial spirit, create demand, serve the community to lay a solid foundation for China 
Construction Machinery to the world. The company actively introduces German and its advanced technology to develop brick 
machine equipment, which provides a strong impetus to enhance our company's market competitiveness. The company has 
established a perfect quality assurance system, and carries out strict inspections on raw materials entering the factory, 
product design, production process and complete machine. With the company's products all over the country and exported to 
Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, the company has established perfect after-sales service throughout the country. The network 
provides customers with efficient and powerful technical consultation and services at any time. At the same time, the company 
has established an internal information management network system to further improve work efficiency and management level, and 
ensure that users can use and maximize their value with the development of the times. With the advancement of science and 
technology, China Construction Co., Ltd. will be committed to the principle of honesty, truth-seeking and striving for brand-
name. We are committed to the development of technology innovation and product quality as the foundation of sustainable 
development. We will build the most professional brick machine equipment in China with the spirit of integrity, 
professionalism, innovation and service. R & D manufacturers, do not seek big but seeking specialization; dedicated to provide 
users with high quality, high performance, high efficiency environmentally friendly brick machinery products.

In the new century, in the face of international competition, China Construction has gradually expanded its global marketing 
network, improved sales and service systems, and continuously delivered innovative and excellent products to customers and 
shared success with customers. China Construction Machinery sincerely welcomes friends from all walks of life to cooperate and 
develop together to create brilliant tomorrow.