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Quality Assurance
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Quality management system
【General requirements】
1. The company establishes a quality management system according to the requirements of ISO9001:2000 quality management system, identifies the production, sales and other processes, determines the sequence and interaction of these processes, and treats each process according to the 5S standard. Requirements for quality management of the company are required.
2. In order to ensure the effective operation and control of the enterprise quality management system and application process, the company has prepared corresponding procedures and supported the relevant work instructions and specifications.
3. In order to support the effective operation of these processes and the monitoring of these processes, the company is equipped with the necessary resources such as manpower, facilities, finance and related information.
In order to monitor, measure and analyze the operation process of the quality management system of the factory, the company implements the necessary measures to achieve the structure and continuous improvement planned by these processes.

【Documentation requirements】
The company establishes and maintains a document of the quality management system based on the product formation process and characteristics covered by the system.
The documents include:
1. The Quality Manual and Quality Objectives approved by the General Manager are prepared in accordance with the standards.
2. "Document Control Procedures", "Record Control Procedures", "Internal Audit Procedures", "Control Programs for Nonconforming Products", "Procedures for Corrective Actions", "Procedures for Preventive Measures", etc., prepared in accordance with the "ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Requirements" clause.