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1、 the overall goal of talent
Talent is the life of an enterprise, and it is fully recognized that a company without talents will end its life. We will comprehensively implement the strategy of “strengthening talents” and establish a team of talented people with comprehensive quality, reasonable academic structure, sufficient professional talents, adapting to the adjustment of corporate business model and industrial structure transformation, and work hard to “revitalize all kinds of talents and cultivate practical talents. Employing urgently needed talents and retaining core talents, providing a strong talent guarantee for the company's second overflight.
1) Revitalize all kinds of talents: According to the diversified development needs of the company, consciously improve the talent structure in the course of business, cultivate and smelt all kinds of talents, so that talents tend to be reasonable in various aspects such as industrial structure and occupational division of labor. In the existing talent stock, select talents that can be created, focus on training, and reduce labor costs.
2) Cultivating practical talents: Based on the actual situation of the enterprise at present, the first-line management talents in the medium layer are the most urgent task. Now the comprehensive quality of the supervisor-level talents needs to be improved, and the comprehensive ability of the director-level managers must also strengthen the training and promotion. Only those talents The ability to improve, the grassroots management is smoother, production can meet sales, in order to improve the overall level of business operations.
3) Retaining core talents: The so-called core talents are employees who make or contribute to the company through their superb professionalism and excellent professional managers in the process of enterprise development, or because of their Exist to make up for some vacancies or insufficient employees in the development process of the enterprise.
Inventories of all types of talents in existing companies, and the development of retention measures. I believe that we must do the following four tasks: First, strengthen the development of core talents, put the right talents in the right place, and let talents play their role; second, strengthen the re-engineering of core talents and constantly update their knowledge. At the level, systematic training of employees is a requirement for talent competition among enterprises, and also a necessary condition for employees to realize their own career plans. Third, it is to create a good working and living environment. The working environment is very important for employees. And the work environment contains many, such as the office environment, the interpersonal relationship at work, the degree of rapport between colleagues, the degree of trust, etc., which is also one aspect of corporate culture to retain people; the fourth is to use generous salary to retain people, As long as a company's salary is good, it is attractive to talents, and the turnover rate of employees is low. If the company wants to retain excellent talents, it can't just be constrained by labor contracts or job-seeking restrictions, but also treat people with sincerity. Perfect incentive system. Let a good incentive system take root in the company.

2、 build a talent team and performance appraisal mechanism
To continue to develop, enterprises must establish a scientific management system, create "strategic quantitative economic goals, implement performance appraisal around the ring, and everything can be ruled through, everything can be seamlessly drilled, and everyone actively participates in management." The efficient management mechanism will strengthen the internal management and control to a new level. And through the comprehensive promotion of refined program management and information construction, the three major processes of strategy, personnel and operation are closely combined to build “goal leading execution”, “policy supporting implementation”, “organizational guarantee implementation” and “performance management execution”. "The implementation of the safeguard system, training an invincible iron army, so that the strategic decision-making into the unified will of managers at all levels and the conscious actions of the employees, and effectively improve the Group's comprehensive strength.
I think it is necessary to reform the existing commission plan that has been extended for many years, and comprehensively introduce scientific and advanced performance appraisal management methods. According to the overall development strategy of the Group, combined with the actual business sector, we will focus on building a KPI (Key Performance Appraisal Indicator) system. Improve the performance appraisal indicator system structure, combine the annual business performance appraisal with the annual salary appraisal, establish and improve the performance appraisal method that is compatible with the development of each business segment, and gradually realize the focus on corporate profitability, market competitiveness, risk prevention capability and sustainable development. Comprehensive assessment of capabilities.

3、 establish a "people-oriented" corporate culture
Only a world-class talent team can build a world-class brand. Adhere to the "people-oriented" philosophy of the company, under the guidance of the company's talent strategy, focus on building a professional team. Always build a team of professional managers and create a new image of open, cooperative, honest, development, and harmonious team as the starting point and destination of future management team building and corporate culture construction. Adhere to the training of professional people, strive to create excellent localized talents, and strive to build a professional army and a large number of top professional managers, enterprise management talents, scientific and technological innovation talents and specialized personnel in various positions, vigorously introduce talents, through the rise of talents and Drive to promote coordinated development of the group. We will focus on building a corporate culture that is compatible with corporate philosophy, corporate values ​​and corporate spirit. It is reflected in respecting people, respecting the realization of employees' self-worth, continuously improving the working environment of employees, effectively addressing the vital interests of employees, and actively undertaking social responsibilities.
Managers at all levels must respect, care for, care for, train, and retain people, and gradually form a people-oriented corporate culture. Respect for people is the foundation, treat employees equally, take the initiative to send birthday cakes on employees' birthdays, and send cordial greetings when employees are sick... warm and affectionate, convey a respect. Caring for people is a prerequisite, and care is based on respect and respect. If it is said that employees are helping people when they encounter difficulties, it is a concern. The more touching concern is the care of the employees who make mistakes. It is a more worthy concern to let employees have the possibility to fall and climb. Caring for people is the core. People are animals with emotions. They have feelings. They can insert knives for their friends. Without feelings, they can see death. Care about caring for employees, how can employees not work hard? Cultivating people is the key. Today, in the future, we still have to attach great importance to the cultivation of talents. Only by cultivating people can we create new glories. Retaining talent is fundamental, and establishing a people-oriented corporate culture. The ultimate goal is to retain people, let employees regard the company as their own home, and establish a harmonious corporate culture in the win-win situation between the company and employees.