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服务承诺Service commitment
“质量第一,服务至上”是中建机械公司对服务的深层理解,中建机械不计成本,千方百计为用户排除解难, 始终坚持经营服务于用户,赢得众多客户的肯定和信赖。
" quality first, service first " is the deep understanding of china construction machinery company to the service, china construction machinery regardless of cost, do everything possible to eliminate difficulties for users, always adhere to the business services to users, to win the affirmation and trust of many customers.
售前服务 Pre sale service
In strict accordance with iso9001 quality management system for product design, production
. Accept the user's advice : technical issues, product-related knowledge to provide a variety of relevant information;
. Visit on-site production equipment : according to the location of customers, visit the nearest enterprise using our plant equipment;

.提供建厂 方案。
Provide plant construction plan.
 售中服务 Sale service
 ” 指导基础设施、水电以及其他流程的布局、施工;
" to guide the layout and construction of infrastructure, hydropower and other processes;
Guide installation and commissioning of equipment on site;
. On-site training of production process operators;
And planning quality control, procurement, marketing related programs.
 售后服务After sale service
" free warranty year, lifetime service
" assist the user to develop the production process formula; "
. set up perfect customer files, better track service;
Long-term supply of various parts, mold, etc.
.website provides online customer interaction platform, at any time for customers troubleshooting;
. Website provides customer feedback system;
 .提供行业最新信息和本厂 相关资料。
.Provide the latest industry information and factory-related information.