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QT6-15 automatic conrete block forming machine

Product intrduction
.The no-seam connection of the own research control system, the hydraulic system and the equipment, to realize the Integrative Technique of Mechanics-electronics-hydraulics and efficient operation.
.The unique parameter recovery system, save the data forever and can recover the data fast if necessitate.
.The autognostic & guiding functions can monitor and display the operation state in will stop and alarm while there is fault ,and it will supply the solution proposal.
.The control system with smart movement interlock enablesit to avoid mechanical malfunction during operation.
.On the Original PLC HD touch screen presents operationally favorable where various  practial multi-fuctions like parameter guidence are accessible and facilitates the monitoring process foruser.
.In the absorption of Germany hydraulic technology, multi-hydraulic driving system. Make the vibration more stronger, the forming cycle more shorter,the product more strength
.The conection of the tubu is unique concentrate-distribution, it is easy to install and maitain.
.Using the west Germany high performance vibro system, strong  vibration, short the forming sycle,compaction production.
.With the Grade F insulation vibration-machine made by Zhongke construction machinery, make it more stable and energy-saving.
.Use the Rotary Cloth Machine, cloth more uniform, the better compactness of products, solve the problem which the Multi-hole Bricks Cloth spends too much time.
Production of raw materials: Sand, gravel, cement, can add large of slag, coal gangue, clay, ceramisite ,perlite and other industrial waste.
Applied Products: concrete blocks,solid/hollow/cellular masonry products,paving stones with or without facemix,garden and landscaping products,slabs,edgers,curbstones,grass blocks,slope blocks,interlocks,etc.

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